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Armadillo Removal

Tallahassee ArmadilloArmadillos are one of the last critters you’d expect to be a nuisance since they are mostly just known for rolling up into a ball in self-defense, but they actually do present quite a threat to your property.

What Are the Dangers?

When armadillos find their way onto your property, they tend to dig with their massive claws. They do this to search for vegetation and insects to eat. It is innocent enough, but unfortunately this can have severe effects on your property. As they dig, they run the risk of cutting underground power lines as well as damaging your irrigation system. Due to their incessant burrowing, you must also deal with the potential of small sinkholes forming on your property as the armadillos weaken the ground underneath.

The Solution

When you have armadillos on your property, they need to be removed. At Critter Control® of Tallahassee, we offer armadillo removal services to keep your property safe from their destructive potential. The best way to remove an armadillo is by trapping it. Using a simple single animal live cage, an armadillo can be caught and released elsewhere after being relocated, keeping you safe without harming the animal.

Help from the Pros

Animal infestation of any kind can have severe effects on you and your home, but you should never have to deal with it yourself. At Critter Control® of Tallahassee, we make it our goal to provide our services to offer you the best in the way of wildlife removal. Call us to schedule your free consultation today.

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