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Bat Removal

Though many people can go their whole lives never once laying eyes on a bat, they happen to be more common than we think. Due to their nocturnal nature, you don’t notice them as much, but tallahassee batthey are very present across the country. Unfortunately, as areas throughout the country develop, bats have fewer places to call home which could drive them into yours when they are seeking refuge.

Are Bats Dangerous?

One of the primary issues with bats is their feces which are commonly referred to as guano. Typically, when they form a colony in a place such as your attic, you will notice quite the accumulation of guano over time along with their urine. The problem with this is that on top of the pungent odor, due to the hot conditions of an attic, the guano can dry up and begin to crumble. Once this happens, it breaks up and can transmit diseases as it is now airborne. When guano is spreading through your home, those inside are at risk of contracting deadly diseases such as histoplasmosis.

While they do not randomly attack humans, it is still ill-advised to go after them yourself as they can become aggressive in the act of defense. If this were to happen, you might become vulnerable to infection of the diseases bats carry such as rabies. These illnesses can be spread from bats to humans via a simple bite or scratch, so you should take no chances.

Professional Bat Removal

Bats will often take up residence in your home while they are pregnant to help ensure that they have a safe place to give birth and increase their numbers. Though it is illegal to disturb bats at such a time, you can still have the area inspected by the professionals at Critter Control of Tallahassee.  Call us today for your free inspection.

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