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Opossum Removal

Opossums are Florida’s only marsupial. Much like a kangaroo, opossums have a pouch meant for them to carry their young around. However, the babies don’t end up staying in the pouch too long.  Opossum RemovalAfter a few short weeks, the moms end up carrying their young on their backs until they’re about five months old. This is the time during which the mother can teach survival. While they are an interesting and unique creature, have opossums can be a nuisance around your property.

Opossum Dangers

These creatures are equipped with sharp teeth and love to dig. Their main defense mechanism is their ability to ‘play dead’.  The time one can spend catatonically can range from 40 minutes to four hours. If you try to remove one of them who is in this defensive state, you risk it gaining consciousness. At that point they will most likely become scared, and attack. This is particularly dangerous if you have pets or small children around who don’t understand this danger.

In addition to a painful scratch or bite, opossums can carry diseases like rabies and tuberculosis that can be transmitted to the victim. Burrows dug around the yard are an injury risk to those walking around and ones dug underneath houses and porches can cause costly damage by weakening its’ foundation.

Prevention Tactics

Using some or all of the following techniques can help deter opossums from coming onto your property.

  • Keep any pets you have, and their food, inside at night
  • Feed your pets indoors
  • Install motion activated lights and sprinklers in your yard

In the case of an infestation, it’s important for your safety to enlist a professional. The pest control specialists at Critter Control® of Tallahassee are familiar and experienced in opossum removal. Call us today and get a fast, free estimate for your problem.

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