Rat Control

It is incredibly difficult to control a rat infestation in the home. Rats are intelligent, flexible, and sneaky. ratWhen rats infest a home, they set up numerous entrances and exits for escapes and develop multiple foraging trails. Attempting to block their access to a structure or room is almost always futile.

Why Rats Need to Be Controlled

No matter how hard it is to control rats, it is essential that they are not allowed free reign in a home because:

  • Rats can carry and transmit diseases through their urine, feces, and fleas—which can indirectly infect people. Moreover, bites and scratches from rats can inflict wounds and directly transmit diseases to humans.
  • Rats are often aggressive under the right circumstances. They have been known to chase and continue attacking an aggressor. Trapped rats will even fight to the death.
  • Infestations may cause property damage. Rats eat and contaminate food, chew on valuable belongings, damage wiring, and more. Serious structural damage can even occur when rats have been in a structure for a long time, as they chew holes in floorboards and beams.

Minimizing the growth and nesting of rats in your home may be a challenge, but it is necessary. Cutting off food sources, ensuring boxes and containers in your attic are tightly sealed, and cleaning up your home are a few ways you can avoid rats building a nest in your home in the first place.

Call the Rat Control Experts

Homeowners who try to control a rat infestation on their own will likely have limited success. They simply don’t have the tools and training to catch and/or eliminate the nest and its occupants. To speak with rat control experts and to receive a free consultation, call Critter Control® of Tallahassee.