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Rats in the Attic

If you’ve discovered rats in the attic, don’t panic. While rats cause more economic damage than any shutterstock_376068865other vertebrae pest, there’s an easy solution. Critter Control Tallahassee has extensive experience removing rats and can help you take measures to prevent another infiltration in the future.

Rat Problems in Tallahassee

Big cities attract rats due to easy access to human food and garbage. The most common rat in the United States is the Norway rat, often referred to as a sewer or house rat. The Norway rat has long teeth that constantly grow, resulting in the need for rats to chew to file their teeth down. Rats in an attic lead to immense destruction in the form of electric wire damage, food contamination, and structural damage. Rats can chew through almost any material.

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To remove rats from your attic, you need help from an expert. Removing rats for the long term is a complex science involving population control. Critter Control uses non-lethal, humane methods of keeping rats out of your attic by rat-proofing your home. If we need to use lethal control methods, such as rodenticides, we’ll make this decision for your safety. Call today to hear more about our comprehensive rat control solutions.

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