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Rat Trap

Rats are aggressive rodents that can severely damage your property as they love to gnaw through wires shutterstock_396317926and other building materials causing appliances to malfunction or structures to weaken. Rats also carry several diseases posing a risk to your entire family and household pets. A rat trapping exercise should be a top priority to help promote your health and reduce significant damage on your home’s air conditioning work, electrical wiring, drywall or personal possessions stored in the attic or basement.

Removing rats from buildings is complex work that requires the right tools and knowledge to perform the job in an efficient manner. Attempting to trap the rats by yourself can be risky due to the aggressive nature of the animals that could leave you with nasty bites that could pose a potential danger to your well-being. Also, rats can be difficult to catch, and if they happen to die in inaccessible places, it can result in long-lasting foul odors. It is necessary to entrust the services of a professional trapping service for a convenient and accurate service.

Consider a Professional Service
Our Critter Control® rat removal experts understand what trapping strategies are needed to address to your specific rat issues. Our trapping service will involve:

  • Setting the traps at the right locations that fall within the rat’s runway.
  • Setting the traps at the right angles and levels of sensitivity to eliminate them in an accurate manner
  • Identifying and closing all points of entry
  • Complete rat cleanup and sanitization measures

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As a leading rat trapping expert in Tallahassee, Critter Control® has what it takes to take care of all your rat problems. Trapping is an important part of the rat control solution that must always be done right with the help of professionals. So if you’re tired of letting rats run rampant in your home, call us today for a free consultation and get those pesky rodents out of there.

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