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Rodent Infestation

Rodents are no strangers to most places on earth, including ones humans inhabit. They will eat almost Tallahassee Miceanything they can get their paws on, and will destroy anything that stands in their way. It is a nightmare to have such creatures infesting your home. Rats and mice are the two main species that humans come into contact with in their homes, but other rodents like squirrels also like to burrow in warm places like attics, especially in the colder months.

The Dangers of Rodents

Rodents pose a myriad of dangers to homeowners and their property such as:

  • Physical damage. Rats, mice, and squirrels can chew through anything due to their constantly growing teeth. That includes the wood your home is made out of or the copper wires that you run electricity through. Physical damage to your house can cost you a lot to replace.
  • Disease. Rodents carry a plethora of potentially deadly diseases. Lot’s of these ailments can be transmitted through contaminated air. To assure the safety of you and your family’s health, it is important to hire a professional to deal with your rodent infestation immediately.

Know the Signs

Early detection is key when it comes to nipping infestations in the bud. It is important for you and your family members to know the signs of a rodent infestation in order to keep everyone safe. These signs can include:

  • Foul smell. The smell of ammonia is a sign that rodents are urinating within your home. If you smell a strong pungent odor, it could mean your have dead rodents in your walls or attic.
  • Noises. Scratches in the walls and the ceiling or squeaking noises throughout the home are a signal of rodent infestation.
  • Waste. If you happen to see any strange droppings, it could be a signal that you have unwanted guests hiding in your home.

Let Us Handle It

If you’ve noticed any of these sings in your home, it’s time to hire a professional exterminator like the ones at Critter Control® Tallahassee to get rid of your rodent infestation. Our experts will not only remove the rodents from you home, but also seal all entry and exit points to make sure they can never return. To set up your free consultation, call us today.

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