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Rodent Removal

You home provides the perfect escape for rodents. It is warm in the winter, offers ample hiding places, and protection from predators. Despite the small and cute nature of most rodents, they should still be approached with caution because they can be dangerous or diseased. If rodents are found in your home, it is crucial to have them removed at once.

The Problem with Rodents

Unfortunately, rodents pose a considerable threat to your home and family. Squirrels maintain their teeth by gnawing on wood and other hard surfaces around your home. Rats and mice often chew on wiring which results in electrical issues and can even kill them, leaving a carcass to decompose somewhere in your home. Rodents also carry and spread disease which can be incredibly harmful to your family.

Solving the Rodent Problem

There are many ways to remove rodents from your house. Of course, every type of rodent problem should be handled on a case by case basis because every rodent is different. There are a few ways to handle specific rodent issues:

  • Mice – Standard mice traps can be effective when used properly. More humane live traps are also available to release the mouse at a later time.
  • Rats – Rat traps are essentially larger versions of the mouse trap. The danger of mouse traps is they may not apply enough pressure to kill the rat and merely pin it down which is dangerous for whoever has to clear the trap.
  • Squirrels – In most states squirrels are protected, and you cannot trap them without a permit, so it is best to leave it to a licensed professional who has the proper equipment, experience, and training to trap squirrels with humane options such as repeater traps, and one-way exclusion doors.

Professionals Know Best

When trying to remove rodents from your home, you should be aware of the dangers associated with it and how to identify the intruders. The experts at Critter control of Tallahassee have the resources to efficiently and humanely remove and rodents from your home and we offering proofing service to prevent future infestation. Call us to get a fast, free quote and Schedule your appoint today.

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