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Rodents in the Attic

As a Tallahassee, FL, resident, you’re likely familiar with Roof Rats. These large rodents spend most of their lives at least 4 feet off the ground, and one of their habitats is the attic. Unfortunately, that means your attic, too.

Roof Rats and Other Rodents in the Attic

Florida roof rats commonly make their home in Florida attics, chewing, gnawing, defecating, and otherwise damaging the homes they invade. But these aren’t the only rodents found in attics. Homeowners need to watch out for mice, squirrels, and other rat breeds, as well.

These unsavory home invaders can be heard scurrying about inside your walls and across the beams and floors of your attic. They chew and gnaw on insulation, flooring, drywall, and wiring, damaging your house and creating fire hazards. Rodents also carry diseases, bacteria, and viruses, causing unsanitary conditions within your home.

Rodent Removal and Damage Control

If you hear the signs of rodents in your attic or see evidence of their presence, take immediate steps to eradicate these pests through the services of a professional. Don’t attempt to remove them on your own, especially when dealing with rats and larger rodents. These vermin may be dangerous.

Setting out poison creates new problems through rotting rodent carcasses and the ensuing odor. Moreover, it doesn’t fix the problem. More rodents will come, and the damage remains. Traps can help, but they are insufficient.

For a lasting solution that addresses all these concerns, turn to a pro, such as Critter Control® of Tallahassee. We identify the rodents, use proven methods to target and remove them, take measures to prevent new invasions, and repair the damage they have caused to your home. If you believe you may have a rodent problem, give us a call today at (850) 745-4111 for a free estimate.

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