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Snake Removal

Forty-five different species of snakes call Florida home, with six of them being venomous. The largest, most dangerous venomous snake in Florida is the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake.Tallahassee- Snake Removal Although snakes help to eliminate common pests such as rodents, many people become frightened at the sight of snakes, especially when they are unsure to which ones can cause the most harm to them or their family.

Snakes are typically spotted in the yard either in bushes where they hide from predators and to keep cool or out in the open, where they find warmth in the Florida sun. Many times, snakes slither their way into garages and homes, usually when a door is left open or cracked.

If you come in contact with a snake in your home or yard, it’s best to call a professional to have it removed, especially when you don’t know if it’s venomous or not.

Preventing Snakes on Your Property

There is no sort of repellants you can use to deter snakes, and many times, it’s hard to keep them off of your property altogether, but you can take certain precautions to make your yard less appealing. Removing rocks and fallen branches, trimming shrubs and trees, and keeping the grass short, will all help to reduce a snake’s hiding place. Sealing any cracks in your foundation, as well as possible entryways into your home will also help to keep snakes out.

Help from the Professionals

If you have taken our advice on how to help prevent snakes from getting onto your property, but are still seeing them on a regular basis, give us a call at Critter Control® of Tallahassee. We will check to see where the snakes are possibly entering from as well as what could be attracting them.

Attempting to trap and remove a snake on your own can be dangerous and is not recommended. Our technicians have decades of training on how to safely and efficiently remove snakes from your property without causing harm to you or your family. Call us today at (850) 745-4111 for more information on the services we provide or to schedule your free consultation.

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