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Squirrel Control

While squirrels may appear cute and fluffy,  and are an important part of our ecosystem, the fact is that Tallahassee Squirrelthey cause problems for many home and business owners.

Once squirrels find their way into your building, they have a habit of nesting in spaces like attics and chimneys which can cause quite the headache for the resident of business owner.

Similar to other rodents, squirrels tend to chew on wooden structures, wiring, ventilation ducting, and even PVC / plastic piping. On top of that, when a squirrel takes residence in your building, the waste they create generally leaves a foul odor.

Critter Control® of Tallahassee has years of experience in all aspects of squirrel control; we know what it takes to ensure that squirrel control doesn’t become a recurring issue for you.

Squirrel Control Basics

With an ever-increasing population and a lifespan of up to 10 years, making  your home or business uninviting to squirrels is the best way to keep eliminate possible infestation problems.

A common philosophy of home and business owners is that trapping is the most effective way to remove squirrels from a property, which simply is not the case. Trying to trap a squirrel yourself leaves you vulnerable to bites and scratches, as well as any one of the various diseases that they are known to carry.

Critter Control® of Tallahassee recommends taking the following action to help prevent squirrel control problems:

  • Repair or replace any broken windows, torn screen enclosures, or any other entrance points on the building
  • Trim any overhanging tree branches away from your building
  • Remove any easily accessible food sources from the area
  • Remove any unnecessary wood or wooden structures from around your building

If you suspect you have a squirrel infestation or have questions about squirrel control, call the experts at Critter Control® of Tallahassee for your free consultation today.


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