Squirrel Damage

Squirrels can be some of the most troublesome rodents found in human-populated areas, and despite SquirrelInTraptheir small stature, they’re capable of causing serious damage. Almost any homeowner has some kind of story about a squirrel pillaging a bird feeder or creating mischief of some sort on his or her property. Critter Control in Tallahassee has years of experience dealing with squirr… Read more »

Raccoon Damage

Raccoons in Tallahassee have a knack for finding garbage. With so many opportunities for dumpster raccoonsdiving, raccoons tend to run rampant in many big cities. Between people feeding them and leaving unsecured trash outside, raccoons are becoming more of a problem for humans. Female raccoons may enter attics to nest and birth their young, while males occasionally invade homes in search of fo… Read more »

Common Raccoon Problems

Raccoons are intelligent survivors who thrive in urban and densely-populated areas. They’re pure Tallahassee Raccoonomnivores and will eat just about anything. Garbage is a common staple for raccoons and can cause headaches for business owners, property managers, and homeowners. Critter Control in Tallahassee has extensive experience in dealing with common raccoon problems.

It’s essentia… Read more »

What Does Animal Poop Do to My Insulation?

Because they need to seek out shelter and safety, animals often find themselves hiding out in your attic. Your attic is perfect for these intruders because it provides protection from predators and harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately, this results in several negative factors brought about by their presence.


A maj… Read more »

Squirrel Repellent

Whenever squirrels find their way on to your property, keeping them at bay can be quite the challenge. Squirrels are persistent and after a while become outright frustrating. If you are facing such squirrel problems, a worthwhile solution might be squirrel repellent. You don’t have to break the bank either buying expensive repellent kits, as there are several optio… Read more »

What is That Smell in My Attic?

Your attic is the perfect spot for nearby animals to make their home, resulting in strange smells that consume your home and disturb your family and friends.  Look for the following clues to better identify from the cause of the unwanted aroma.

Urine – Urine can come from any animal, but if you find your wiring and exposed wood chewed on you most likely have a squirrel infestation. Red squirrels will leave d… Read more »

How to rodent-proof vents and attics

Rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels often like to make their nests in residential attics and other areas of the home. Naturally, as a home owner, you seek to prevent this undesirable invasion. Rodent infestations can cause costly and expensive damage, and the presence of these vermin in your house is unsanitary and unwelcome. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to help prevent this problem.

Preven… Read more »

Noises in the Attic

What’s that Sound?

Shh. What’s that noise? Rustling, chittering, and scratching sounds from up above may indicate a rodent problem in your attic.

Attic Infestation

Attics provide welcome shelter from the elements for rodents. From running to fighting, the activities of squirrels, mice, and rats can be noisy, and when they’re residing in your attic, you are likely to hear it. As these critters scurry about, you may h… Read more »

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Raccoons are curious, intelligent creatures that can turn your life into a Tallahassee Raccoonmess. They carry diseases such as rabies, which can put your or your loved one’s life at risk. Moreover, they can cause a lot of structural damage to your property. Getting rid of raccoons once they are already within your property is crucial.

Find Their Hideout

The first step … Read more »

How to Know Rats Are in Your Attic

Rats present a variety of dangers to you and your family, and their activity shutterstock_376068865damages the structure of your home. Catching them early is important to minimize health risks and structural damage. If you notice any of the following, it may be a good idea to call a pest control expert:

  1. Noises in your walls, ceiling, or floors. Rats fit into small spaces. Anywhere a rat’s skull can fit, its body can follow. T… Read more »