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Rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels often like to make their nests in residential attics and other areas of the home. Naturally, as a home owner, you seek to prevent this undesirable invasion. Rodent infestations can cause costly and expensive damage, and the presence of these vermin in your house is unsanitary and unwelcome. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to help prevent this problem.

Prevention is the Key

Your first step is to ensure that rodents have not already taken up residence in your attic. Check for droppings or signs of nest building. If you fail to find these signs and haven’t heard any telltale rodent noises, you are likely in the clear. So, the next step is to make sure your attic remains rodent free with some simple rodent-proofing.

Perform a thorough visual inspection of the outside of your house, looking for any holes that allow entry, including chimney pipes and vents. Check your roofing carefully, and pay close attention to the areas where your roofing meets the house.

Note that the holes can be quite small and still accommodate critters. A 1.5-inch diameter hole is sufficient for a squirrel to enter. Patch all holes you discover with hardware cloth available at your local hardware store.

Ensure that all your vents have covers and that they are secured properly. Replace any missing vent covers and repair loose or damaged fastenings. Steel screens are a good fix for attic vents that are large enough to allow entry through gaps in the vent cover openings.

Professional Help

If you do notice evidence that rodents have already taken up residence, call on a professional pest control service provider, like Critter Control® of Tallahassee. We will get rid of them for you and secure your home properly to prevent future issues. You can also give us a call to inspect your home and provide effective rodent-proofing services to keep pests out forever! Call us today at (850) 745-4111 to schedule your free home consultation.

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