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Raccoons in Tallahassee have a knack for finding garbage. With so many opportunities for dumpster raccoonsdiving, raccoons tend to run rampant in many big cities. Between people feeding them and leaving unsecured trash outside, raccoons are becoming more of a problem for humans. Female raccoons may enter attics to nest and birth their young, while males occasionally invade homes in search of food.

Common Types of Raccoon Damage

Raccoons might resemble furry house pets, but they can cause significant damage to landscapes and homes. They’re notorious for spreading unsanitary trash and leaving behind huge messes. Raccoon damage comes in many forms, including:

  • Structural integrity damage from digging
  • Landscape damage
  • Garden and farmland crop damage
  • Household contamination from urine and excrement
  • Unsanitary garbage messes

If your property has suffered slight or significant raccoon damage, Critter Control offers home cleaning services such as insulation repair, entry point sealing, dropping removal, and more.

Removing Raccoons From Your Property

If you notice raccoons on your property, call Critter Control Tallahassee at (850) 745-4111. While not inclined to attack without provocation, raccoons have occasionally pounced on pets, livestock, and poultry. Don’t try to trap raccoons without the help of a specialist. Contact us today for a free raccoon removal estimate.

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