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Because they need to seek out shelter and safety, animals often find themselves hiding out in your attic. Your attic is perfect for these intruders because it provides protection from predators and harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately, this results in several negative factors brought about by their presence.


A major issue with having animals in your attic is the danger of disease spreading. To make matters worse, interaction with intruding animals isn’t even necessary for infection as parasites and bacteria can be passed through the feces and soak into your insulation.


If you can find animal poop in your insulation, then it is just the tip of the iceberg. Droppings mean that the animal is living close by, and often, animals tend to tear up your insulation when nesting deep inside it. This practice is awful for your insulation, but can also prove dangerous as you may have hidden intruders unbeknownst to you.


Wherever animals are leaving feces, they are more than likely also urinating. Squirrels pose substantial problems when they urinate in the attic, as it soaks into the insulation, ruining it, but also it acts as a pheromone which alerts other squirrels to join. As the infestation continues, the numbers can continue to rise indefinitely.

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If an infestation occurs in your attic, it is imperative to stop it as soon as possible before your insulation is damaged beyond repair. A professional such as the ones at Critter Control® of Tallahassee is equipped to handle such an infestation efficiently and effectively. For a free consultation, call us today at 850-745-4111.

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