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Your attic is the perfect spot for nearby animals to make their home, resulting in strange smells that consume your home and disturb your family and friends.  Look for the following clues to better identify from the cause of the unwanted aroma.

Urine – Urine can come from any animal, but if you find your wiring and exposed wood chewed on you most likely have a squirrel infestation. Red squirrels will leave dark urine stains that attract other red squirrels. These must be disinfected as their urine contains bacteria and parasites that can harm you and your family. Using ammonia at possible entrances can help ward off squirrels.

Droppings – Droppings will be easier to spot than urine, and it can help you identify the culprit. You can distinguish between rat and mouse feces by their size. Rat droppings are almost an inch long and less than a half-inch thick. Mice droppings are smaller at around one-quarter of an inch long with pointed ends.

Carcasses – Dead animals can be hard to spot as they burrow in your insulation leaving behind putrid scents as they decompose. A good rule of thumb is the worse the smell and longer it lingers, the larger the animal. On the other hand, animal carcasses decompose until the body loses moisture, but something as small as a squirrel can continue to smell if they died near pipes where moisture accumulates.

Staying Safe

Always exercise caution when dealing with animal excrement and carcasses as they can carry diseases. For the safety of you and your family, we recommend you contact a professional to clean animal excrement, repair damaged or contaminated insulation, and remove animal carcasses. To quickly and effectively resolve your animal problem, contact the professionals at Critter Control® of Tallahassee at (850) 745-4111 and receive a free estimate.


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