Free Critter Control Home Inspections

Free Critter Control Home Inspections

No one likes to play a game of “guess the animal that is making those scratching sounds in the attic.” In fact, sometimes you may not even know how the animals are gaining entry or where they are making a home.

Instead of trying to track down the intruders yourself, give Critter Control serving Tallahassee a call and they will come out to your home or business and do a free inspection.

Knowledge Is Power

Each of Critter Control’s certified wildlife technicians has been thoroughly educated as to the habitats, foraging patterns, and other living habits of all of the many types of wildlife found in Florida.

When you call to schedule a free inspection, one or more of our technicians will come to your home or business and perform a thorough inspection of your attic, crawlspace, or basement, eaves, walls, pantry, and surrounding areas.

Making Headway

Not only will our certified wildlife technicians identify where the perpetrator is taking up residence, but they will be able to tell you how and where the animal is accessing your house or business.

Once you pinpoint the animal and entry and exit points you can choose to either fix it yourself or have the experts at Critter Control serving Tallahassee take care of it for you. With our no-pressure free inspection, the choice is yours.

Sealed Up

Some other advantages to having professional take care of any nuisance animal problem is the fact that they can safely and humanely remove the animal from your home or business. Then they will seal up the entry points and other vulnerable areas in your home to prevent future residents from moving in. And if there is a big mess left over from the animal, the professionals at Critter Control serving Tallahassee can clean it up and use their skills to repair your home.