In the ever-constant search for food and water, opossums tend to find their way onto your property. Due to the attraction that your home has as a haven for these critters, it encourages them to come over and dig through your trash as well as sneak into your home to live in your attic or crawlspace. Once this happens, it can lead to a host of problems for you.

Why Are Opossums a Problem?

Under normal circumstances, opossums would remain in their natural habitat, which consists of heavily wooded areas. Unfortunately, urbanization has to lead to them having fewer areas in which they can live, resulting in opossums having to coexist with humans. This is why they are more inclined to approach your home in search of shelter. Since they don’t have many options, your home looks like a hotel to them.

You will often find opossums sneaking around and digging through your trash for scraps of food. When food is easily available for opossums, they are more inclined to remain on your property which can make things difficult for you. They might cause damage to your insulation when they nest in your attic as well as spreading sickness to humans in the home.

Help from the Pros

Never approach an opossum on your own. While they may be fearful and play dead when confronted by humans, there is still the risk of spreading illness which is why opossums should be handled by the professionals at Critter Control® serving Tallahassee. We have the experience necessary to handle any opossum problem safely and efficiently. Call us today for your free consultation today.