The bat is nature’s only flying mammal, and it uses that ability to sneak into your home and turn your attic into its own residence. Unfortunately, bats can carry this out very easily, and it comes at the cost of damage to your attic. Bats can cause damage that affects you as well as spreading certain illnesses without you even realizing that they are there, so it is always important to remain vigilant of their presence.

The Problem with Bats

Bats in search of a place to live will often find your attic to be the perfect option for them as it is a sort of makeshift cave. The colony will form a large cluster, and after this happens, it can become very dangerous. While they are great for the environment, it is risky for bats to be in such proximity to humans. They are known to spread sicknesses which is why you should never attempt to approach or remove bats on your own.

When they are living in your attic, their fecal matter, or guano, will eventually begin to pile up. Guano contains many elements which could cause health concerns. When it dries out, it can crumble and go airborne, spreading contaminants throughout the home. If you spot guano in your home, do not hesitate to call for expert removal as soon as possible.

Bat Removal

During maternity season, bats are protected and cannot be removed from your home. However, you can still have your attic inspected during maternity season as long as the bats aren’t disturbed. If you suspect bats are in your home or have already found them and need removal, contact the experts at Critter Control® serving Tallahassee immediately to find the right removal solution for you. We have over 30 years of experience to ensure quality and care. Stay safe and call us for your free consultation today.