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Animal Noises In Your Home

Animal Noises In Home

Have you ever said, “Oh, my goodness! What’s that noise! There it is again!”. Have no fear, we hear it all the time, and we know exactly what that mystery noise is; no, it’s not ghosts, you have a wildlife invasion.

As we approach the colder months in Florida, wildlife will attempt to seek shelter anywhere they can to stay warm. This often includes your home’s attic, walls, or crawl spaces.

Some animals are nocturnal, which means they are most active at night. Mice, Rats, and Bats are nocturnal creatures. The noises they make at night might include a shrieking sound coming from a bat. Animals that are more active when the sun is up included squirrels. The noise you hear will resemble rustling or scampering during the day, generally in the morning or early evening. Raccoons are mostly nocturnal but can be spotted during the day. Raccoons are strong and clever; they can break into your roof any number of ways. Raccoons can weigh up to 25 pounds, so the noise you hear in your attic from them might be heavier. If they have babies, you might hear them chatter or squeak.

Finding the source of noises in your attic caused by wildlife starts the wildlife removal process. Next, the animals must be trapped, and the entire attic checked over to ensure no babies are left behind. Once done, we can clean up any damage left behind and begin working on excluding the animals from your home for good.

You need a Wildlife Professional to determine the cause of noises in your attic. Call Critter Control serving Tallahassee.