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Chipmunk Removal

Professional Chipmunk Removal

A chipmunk is a small rodent that resembles a squirrel, which is part of the same family. They are brownish in color and weigh around 3 ounces. Chipmunks hibernate during the winter months and rely on the food they have collected and stored in their den. Their hibernation is referred to as restless hibernation as they will sometimes become active on warm days in the winter. Chipmunks are burrowing creatures that can be a big problem for residents of Florida. Along with stealing birdseed at every opportunity, they can destroy a landscape in a hurry. Their deep and long burrows can ruin a garden, and they will eat flowers and other plants. In some cases, large numbers of chipmunks can even damage the foundations of buildings by burrowing underneath the home, under the porch, or in crawl spaces.

Chipmunks can also carry a disease that is dangerous to humans. A Chipmunk can spread a disease called Colorado Tick Fever. Ticks transfer this disease when they bite Chipmunks, then bite you, not good.

Yes, chipmunks are fun to watch, and they are cute as can be, but they can also be a big problem that must be dealt with by a wildlife professional.