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Raccoon Removal


Despite their cute appearances, raccoons can prove to be quite hazardous. While some may perceive them as adorable little bandits looking to treat your garbage can like a drive through for a quick meal, it should be noted that raccoons can actually be quite the threat. Once they get too comfortable around your home, they might try to find a way inside for nesting purposes. This can result in serious damages to your property, as well as potential health risks.

Raccoon Facts

The natural habitat of raccoons consists heavily of wooded areas, preferably near a water source. However, the increased urbanization of many parts of the country has resulted in reduced natural habitats for them forcing them to integrate with humans.

A healthy female raccoon can give birth to a litter of up to six raccoons, so a pregnant mother is not something you want near your home. Though they are often seen around others, raccoons are typically solitary animals outside of their family units. Raccoons also have phenomenal hands with incredible dexterity. These hands make them better suited for sneaking into your home as they can go as far as open latches and doors.

Know the Signs

If you do have a raccoon infestation on your hands, you should be able to identify the telltale signs before the problem becomes too insurmountable. While the occasional raccoon sighting on your property isn’t much to worry about, there are other instances that indicate something more serious:

  • Sounds coming from inside your walls or attic such as scratching
  • Damage to your insulation
  • Urine soaking through the ceiling and walls.
  • Finding their droppings in your home


Professional Help

Raccoons on your property are no laughing matter. They can do substantial damage to your insulation, which is costly to repair. Raccoon droppings can also spread airborne roundworm eggs which can infect the inhabitants of the home. Avoid these troubles by having Critter Control® serving Tallahassee remove them safely and humanely. Call us today for a free consultation.