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Rat Removal Tallahassee

Rat Removal

Tallahassee and Northern Florida Rat Removal.

We hope you never have a rat problem in your home, but you need Tallahassee Rat Removal Professionals’ services if you do. Rats are tremendous climbers and chewers. If they want to get into somewhere, there’s a pretty good chance they can. Problems start when your home becomes their home. Rats can do a tremendous amount of damage in a short amount of time. They can ruin attic insulation, chew into your ductwork, soil joists and trusses, ruin walls from the inside, and in some cases, even chew through electrical wiring, causing fires!

Certified wildlife technicians will rid your home of rats, but the job doesn’t end there. The clean-up and repair process is just as important. Damaged insulation must be replaced, their waste removed, and anything chewed must be repaired to return your home to new again. We must also seal up all their entry points and closely inspect the exterior of your home.

Tallahassee has two types of rats common to the area, Norway Rats and Roof Rats, and both can be very destructive to homes and dangerous for people and pets.

Rats can carry and spread disease, but the problem doesn’t stop with them. The fleas and ticks they carry can also spread disease; flea bites a rat, then flea bites a human, big problem. Fleas can spread diseases such as typhus. This is a disease caused by bacteria called Rickettsia Typhi.

For these reasons, it’s important to contact Critter Control immediately after discovering you may have rats or other rodents in your home. We are Florida’s #1 choice in Rat Removal and Rat Control. Call us for a free Rat Removal inspection and consultation.