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Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrel Removal Services

Flying squirrels are social creatures. They like to live in colonies with up to 20 other squirrels, so professional squirrel removal services are vital. If you see one flying squirrel in or around your home, the problem could be x 20! This large number of squirrels in your home can make a mess of things in a hurry. They continually chew and will use your home as their latrine. Cleaning up after flying squirrels have been removed can be a big job.

Flying squirrels don’t really fly, but they can glide and even steer using their tail as a rudder while in flight. They typically will glide up to 50 feet in the air, but some have reported seeing them glide up to 150 feet! They are cute little creatures; their head and body measure only 4 to 5 inches long, weighing only about 7 ounces. They have a soft white underbelly and brown fur on their backs.

You might suspect you have flying squirrels in your home from the soft rustling and scurrying sounds you hear at night coming from your walls or attic.

Flying Squirrel Removal Tallahassee & North Florida

Flying squirrels do not typically carry rabies, but they have fleas that could spread a typhus disease. The biggest danger that flying squirrels present is to your home. 20 squirrels living in your attic for even a short period of time could cause extensive damage. Call Critter Control serving Tallahassee today to schedule an appointment with a certified wildlife technician.