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Though often viewed as cute and cuddly, squirrels have many destructive tendencies, and all they need is a small hole to enter your home and wreak havoc. Typically, squirrels will enter to nest when pregnant and when that happens, a squirrel may find your home to be too perfect of a nesting ground to give it up. Unfortunately, this can spell out disaster for you and your family.

Why Are They in My Home?

There are many reasons for a squirrel to invade. Nesting is one of the most prevalent causes, but many squirrels will enter your home simply for the sake of finding shelter from the elements. Whether it is cold, raining or snowing, your attic and crawlspace will always be a better option for squirrels than outside. Due to their lack of a hibernation period, they need to find a safe place to hide out in the winter months when the weather is harshest against them.

Know the Signs

Squirrels are very active at night, so you may hear sounds of them in your ceiling due to their running around. If you suspect that there is a squirrel infestation, search your attic for debris from outside such as twigs and leaves.  Typically, this debris will be shaped into nests, which is a very strong indicator of squirrels living with you. Insulation damage also points toward squirrels as they shred it up to make nests as well as leaving behind their droppings.

Expert Control of Your Critters

At the first sign of squirrel infestation, you should call the professionals to take a look at it for you. Even if there aren’t any squirrels in your home, it is always better to be thorough and safe. Call Critter Control® for more information about our squirrel control solutions and schedule your home inspection today.