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Mole Removal

Mole Removal

Tallahassee, Florida Mole Removal

Moles continually digging in your yard will cause unsightly mounds of dirt, will ruin landscaping and kill your grass. Burrowing critters in your pasture can also be a hazard for livestock.

The Eastern Mole is common in Florida. They are hearty eaters and will generally eat up to half their body weight in a single day. They eat earthworms, insects, and insect larvae, as well as some plant material. The Eastern Mole measures around 7 inches long and can weigh up to one and a half pounds.

The Hairy Tailed Mole, also referred to as the Brewer’s Mole is also common in Virginia. It lives mostly underground but will sometimes come above ground at night to forage for food during warmer months. Another mole common to Florida is the Star-Nosed Mole.

Moles move around pretty quickly, considering they dig tunnels underground everywhere they go. An active mole can tunnel up to 45 feet in a single hour, leaving mounds of dirt everywhere they go. They are obviously a nuisance animal, and their removal from your yard or pasture is necessary.

Critter Control serving Tallahassee is the #1 choice for removing moles from your yard. Call us for service, and we will perform a free inspection and wildlife removal consultation.