Rodent Removal Tallahassee

Tallahassee Rodent Removal Experts

The most common rodents found in Florida are Roof Rats, Norway Rats, Field Mice, and House Mice. If you discover you have rodents in your home, you need the services of a professional Rodent Removal and Control company like Critter Control. These rodents are characterized by their need to chew to keep their front incisors trimmed continually. This is just fine when they chew their natural habitat in the forest or wetlands of Florida, but no so fine when they choose to gnaw through your home, your ductwork, your attic, or even your electrical wiring!

You might suspect you have a rodent problem in any number of ways. You might hear scurrying or rustling noises overhead coming from your attic or walls. You might have a dank, musty odor emanating from somewhere that’s difficult to pinpoint. There may also be signs outside your home. Rodent droppings and nesting material are sure signs of a rodent infestation. And finally, rodents are creatures of habit; they will walk the same path every day if they have found a food or shelter source. The path they travel can often become soiled, leaving visible, dirty streaks on their path.

Professional Rodent Extermination entails more than getting rid of rodents. Once the varmints are removed, the clean-up process can begin. Critter Control is more than certified wildlife technicians; we are also construction experts who work to return your home to like-new condition. We’ll also seal up any entry points the rodents were using and inspect the entire exterior of your home to ensure they can’t get back in.

Critter Control was founded in 1983. We are the Nation’s #1 choice for rodent removal and control. Our technicians are highly trained, and our construction experts have years of experience in building homes, home maintenance, and home repair.